The Vision Opportunity Funds (“Vision Funds”), managed by Vision Capital Corporation (“Vision”), focus primarily on the real estate sector, and invest predominantly in Canadian, publicly-traded equity and debt securities. Vision benefits from the experience, expertise, insights and relationships of its portfolio managers, Frank Mayer and Jeffrey Olin. The Vision Funds target investments that are expected to outperform on a medium term, risk adjusted basis. They can make concentrated investments in the Manager’s best ideas and themes, and utilize a long-short strategy.  - Learn More

Since inception, The Vision Opportunity Funds have outperformed Canadian Equity, Hedge Fund, and Real Estate indices, even in declining and volatile markets.- Learn More.

Vision Capital Corporation currently manages five Funds. The Funds are available to Canadian and Non-Resident Accredited Investors. Investments from Registered Accounts are eligible.  - Learn More.

Jeffrey Olin and Frank Mayer are Co-Portfolio Managers of Vision Capital Corporation, an investment counselling and portfolio management company which manages the Vision Opportunity Funds. – Learn More.